Sudharshan S

Sudharshan S


We found TIAH’s work of high quality and tasteful. Sunitha would pay attention to detail and discuss all design options with us and in fact suggest excellent design choices along with the cost involved. We were pleasantly surprised by her patience in working with us to decide on the options. Most importantly, we could leave the job to her and relax, no need to go behind to check or follow up. Overall, we had a great experience.

Govind Sukumar

Extremely satisfied with the work as well as the team.. Sunitha was very open to listen to our ideas, proactive, very passionate with no comprise on quality and has a great team(Both the design as well as the implementation. A big thank you to Mr. Guru Kiran)… Over a year over, no issues per say and was very happy with the prompt service received. I would definitely recommend Sunitha and her team. Please keep up the good work.

Serene George

We had an amazing experience with Team TIAH. They did a wonderful job creatively and considering all the practical aspects to turn our apartment to a home. Patient set of professionals who are open to our suggestions. Timely delivery with no compromise on quality. Would definitely recommend !!

Tiju Thomas

It was the best thing I did in the whole construction process to give it to TIAH. They are real good and have great amount of ideas with quality products and workers. Tanzil was someone who made sure even the smallest thing doesn’t go unnoticed. Most of the things I took from them are worth the amount payed.